Options and Accessories

In addition to our amazing custom seat covers, you will also have the ability to add some options and accessories to your seat covers. When you place your order you’ll be given the opportunity to add options and accessories based on your specific vehicle and seat type, as well as the material you’ve selected.

custom seat covers diamond quilting

Diamond Quilting

Diamond Quilting has an elegant look that resembles original seats often found in high-end vehicles. It is available for inserts only (not trim), and only with inserts in these fabrics: Sof-Touch, Perforated Sof-Touch, Carbon Fiber, and Exotics.

custom seat covers special ops package

Special OPS Package

Each side of the Special OPS Package comes with two pouches that open on the sides, used to store long items like rifles, fishing rods, or tools. (Please obey all local and federal gun laws)

custom seat covers rear pockets

Rear Pockets

Rear pockets are located on the back of the seats. They are normally 18 in. deep and are ideal for storing toys, maps, flashlights, clipboards, or other items on the back of the seat.

custom seat covers front pockets

Front Pockets

Located on the front of the seat bottom behind your knees. They are normally 6 in. deep and are ideal for storing small items like phones, wallets, or mini notepads.

custom seat covers pistol pocket

Pistol Pocket

The pistol pocket is designed to hold one pistol and two magazines. It is designed to work for a right or left-handed person. It attaches with Velcro to the bottom cushion of your front seat cover(s) allowing you to remove/replace it and remain inconspicuous. (Please obey all local and federal gun laws)

custom seat covers hard console lid cover

Hard Console Lid Cover

The Hard Console Lid Cover is a cover for the hard plastic console located between two bucket seats. The lid cover fits over the lid and fastens securely, protecting it from damage and helping to match the color of the seat covers.

custom seat covers headrest covers

Headrest Covers

On seats with adjustable headrests the covers for those headrests are sold separately. If you have DVD players in the back of your headrests, you will need to select that seat option to ensure the proper accommodations are made. In addition, if your seat option mentions non-removable headrests, then accommodations will be made on your backrest to allow your seat covers to be put on without removing the headrests.

custom seat covers large armrest covers

Large Armrest Covers

A large armrest is a fold-out piece of your seat that is usually attached to the backrest. It may or may not have cutouts for cupholders or a separate piece for an opening lid depending on the specific design for your armrest. Covers for these are sold separately. If you do not order the cover for the armrest, the piece will be left uncovered so you retain access to the armrest.

custom seat covers small armrest covers

Small Armrest Covers

Small armrests are folding arms attached on the sides of seats. Each armrest cover is sold separately. If you do not order the cover for the small armrest(s), they will be left uncovered. Armrest covers are options. They are only included with your seat covers if you select them on this page.