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Custom Seat Covers

Since 1976 we have taken pride in every custom seat cover we manufacture. Our custom seat covers are produced from start to finish in the United States. Our fabrics are the finest, most durable and aesthetically appealing in the automotive industry.

Benefits of owning Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers

When choosing a seat cover for your vehicle, there are many advantages that custom-made seat covers have over universal fit.

Ruff Tuff Products set the industry standard because with our custom seat covers:

  • Every pattern is meticulously measured
  • All new patterns are test fit prior to shipping
  • Vehicle specific attachment systems provide a long lasting form fit
  • Highest quality fabrics in the industry
  • World-class customer service

How we make our Custom Seat Covers

Pattern & Cutting

Once you have placed your order our experienced material handlers pull the CAD generated pattern for your specific year, make, and model. Then using the materials of your choice, they cut them using our precision cutting machine.

Gluing & Quilting

The seating portion of the custom seat cover is sent to the gluing station where we bond the material to a high quality, flame retardant foam. The foam pieces are now ready to be marked with the quilting pattern and then sent to cutting.


When the pieces arrive at the sewing department, our highly-skilled seamstresses painstakingly assemble each part with a specific vehicle attachment system. When assembly is completed, the seat cover is sent to Quality Control.

Quality Control

When the custom seat cover arrives at Quality Control, a highly trained Q.C. technician reviews the order and examines your seat cover to insure that the product exceeds industry standard. The seat cover is then packaged and shipped.